Muddiest Point

As I read and listened to this week’s presentations, I found a few points to be puzzling.  Listen to my video post for more information.



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Most Important Theory

Marc Rosenberg’s book, Beyond E-Learning, describes some of the myths regarding e-Learning. He discusses a better way to use technology for training and learning. Marc explains how to architect a knowledge management framework. In my post, I share some important factors to consider when creating your own knowledge management system.


O’Brien, Jamie (2015). 10 Practical findings from the deployment of an exploratory knowledge management framework”, VINE, 45(3), pp.397 – 419.

Rosenberg, Marc (2006). Beyond E-Learning. Pfeiffer: San Francisco, CA.

Most Important Point

This week I interviewed Clarissa Mitchell, the Corporate Training Director for US Bank. The most important trend affecting Clarissa in her daily role is the development and usage of mobile applications and devices.  Watch my video post for more information!


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