Muddiest Point

As I read and listened to this week’s presentations, I found a few points to be puzzling.  Listen to my video post for more information.



Rosenberg, Mark (2006). Beyond E-Learning. Pfeiffer: San Francisco, CA.

Moore, S. & Ellsworth, J. (2014). Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology. Springer Science+Business Media: New York, NY.



  1. Hi Partner,
    Awesome post and may I congratulate you on the lighting. It adds an awesome mood and feel to your videos. Good job! I like what you say about privacy, ID theft and especially laws that are necessary to make people act ethically. There are so many laws for so many things. However, I think it is very interesting the information we voluntarily provide on the Internet. According to What are the moral issues with Internet privacy? (n.d.), the private data people provide on social networks such as Facebook is supposed to be protected and used fairly but because of bugs third party vendors were able to gain access to all the data. So the issue here is the bugs, right? Well, if the data was not there to begin with, would there be an invasion of privacy? A rhetorical question, I guess.

    Also, when people use employer owned devices, there is no expectation of privacy Mujtaba (n.d.). Unfortunately, people do not understand this and as a result, get themselves into all sorts of trouble and privacy just simply disappears. Take care and I hope your Thanksgiving was great.



    Mujtaba, B. G. (n.d.). Ethical Implications of employee monitoring: What leaders should consider. Retrieved from Nova Southeastern University:

    What are the moral issues with Internet privacy? (n.d.). Retrieved from ExpressVPN:



  2. Hi Shari,
    There are so many intricacies in copyright! You have some very good questions and are thinking through this very well. Yes – you always cite everything 🙂 Yes – we should help minors learn to be safe online as early as possible! Yes – sometimes you need to get original authors consent to use materials. In my experience though, most folks are very happy to share their work when they are asked. Good and generous people do still exist in this world 🙂
    Dr Courduff



    1. I would agree that most people would be happy to share if asked. My concern would be time constraints or difficulty in reaching the author. In this case, is it acceptable to cite the work? Or is it best not to use it at all?



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